Hollywood Costume Party- Phoenix Art Museum

The renown Hollywood Costume collection, which has been featured in the top museums throughout the world is now at the Phoenix Art Museum. To celebrate we are having a big costume party! Come dress up, dance, and enjoy concessions with entry to this larger then life exhibit. Hollywood Costume Party

Oscar Party- Creative Healthy Appitizers

Gold TrophyThe oscars are glamorous, untouchable, almost other-worldly. Well, living vicariously on the stars special night through your television set is not so bad when you can accompany your dreams of fame by delicious bites. Now you have something the celebrities don’t get for even months leading up to this big night. Food. Although, they could eat everything in this post without gaining a pound. (wheat/gluten free, no added sugar)  This is  the ideal celebrity celebration party menu. So do a little prep and reap the benefits of having your friends be your biggest fans while you sit back and watch the oscars together. Cheers!


-Champagne Jello Shots garnished with edible pearls
-Twice baked potato skins with brie, roasted rosemary grapes,
walnuts, and balsamic dressed arugula
-Savory truffles made of goat cheese and pistachio coated grapes
-Radicchio cups filled with roasted zucchini, lemon and quinoa,
dressed with oregano and white balsamic,  finished with fresh parmesan.
-Lemon almond cake-lets sweetened with honey and topped with raspberry
preserves and unsweetened whipped cream

Champagne jello shots- Artistpalate Champagne jello shots- ArtistpalateBrie and grape potato skins- Artistpalate Savory goat cheese truffles- Artistpalate

Savory goat cheese truffles- Artistpalate Sophisticated radicchio, quinoa lettuce cup- Artistpalate Glistening and Gluten free, lemon raspberry cake-lets- Artistpalate Glistening and Gluten free, lemon raspberry cake-lets- Artistpalate Glistening and Gluten free, lemon raspberry cake-lets- Artistpalate Need recipes? Leave me a comment!

2014 Fall Fashion Forecast

Well into the couture shows now, we have seen all of the Pre-Fall collections. That means the 2014 fall RTW fashion week is right around the corner.  Judging from the pre-fall lines, however, there are already some strong trends to keep an eye out for.

Start building your fall wardrobe now with fuzzy outerwear in all shades, sequins for any time, boxy shaped and pleated wool pieces, tassel like fringe, and glamorous and refined cowboy meets indian. Some other micro trends… rusty shades on everything, and the newest shape in pants- cropped palazzo.


‘Fuzzy Wuzzy”
Fluffy outerwear, this year’s playful fur


“All that Glimmers”
Last years metallic trend is amplified with sequins on everything


“Box Cut”
Wool takes on boxy shapes for voluminous strength


“On the Fringe”
Tassel lining on every garment is the newest finishing touch


“Cowboys and Indians”
The wild west is a strong presence, but the rivals play nice togetherin the new 2014 season.


Micro trends: “A Little Rusty” and “Cropped Palazzo Pant”

pictures from style.com

Monday Workwear

IMG_7301Over two years ago I did a simple post about what I wear to work on Mondays… Or really any day you want to look professional but simultaneously feel comfortable. This post, although I’d say not the most novel, has been one of the most visited and shared from my blog. I think this balance of looking put together while being effortless and functional is difficult but certainly of highest preference. I have decided I would need to do more posts like this one, and share more ways to make workwear more manageable and work more tolerable!

My go to? Keep it simple.

A men’s button down automatically makes any look easy and strong.

Paired with a femme skirt in a playful scuba material, bold statement necklace and stylish lace up heels, call it done. A comfortable fit and flare skirt, with the classic oversized men’s shirt, and shoes that practically cradle your feet, it creates perfect “wear all day” shapes.


Happy Working in Comfort and Style!

Ladies Thyme- A Champagne Punch

Champagne cocktails can have it all. fresh. light. herbal. sweet. savory. bubbly… Morning, noon, or night. Universal.


When hosting, champagne punch is a blank canvas. This is one rendition I made for a bridal shower and appropriately dubbed “Ladies Thyme”.  I used a sweeter sparkling wine, prosecco, with no added sugars to not overwhelm but to highlight the herbal and citric notes of this punch. What made this uniquely perfect however, was the homemade thyme bitters.  Try it at your next event!


Ladies Thyme

2 bottles Sparkling wine (Prosecco)

2 cups Gin

1 bunch Thyme (1/3 cup packed)

32 oz unsweetened or hand squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice

A week before your event find a glass bottle large enough for the herbs and the gin. Simply put the gin and herbs in the bottle and place it in an unlit place. The day of the event, gather your punch bowl pour in your thyme “bitters” followed by your grapefruit. Just before guests arrive, uncork the champagne and top.

For best results, ladle into champagne glasses and enjoy a few before your friends drink it all.  Cheers!


Day to Night Black and White

Anyone in the fashion industry will tell you, trends are getting more and more difficult to identify as street style is developing such a forceful front. Style trends have developed more into personal style, and with so many dynamic individuals on the streets fashion has become a free for all.

Who are you? What story do you want to tell? What character or art do you want to express? Fashion tells a story, so dress for the point you want to make!

Simplicity of black and white communicates stark, sleek, strong, industrial, powerful, edgy, confidant, universal, even sexy. Dressed to take on the world. Black and White, Day to Night.

Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate

Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate Artist Palate

Photos by Amy Hanen.

Cocktail Chronicles Kickoff ….. Captured on the iPhone.

Truffled Martini

Truffled Martini: Truffle stuffed olives

I know what you’re thinking…. this blogger is an alcoholic. If I say no, well then I just may be! So I’ll just say, I have found a passion for having, and crafting a well made cocktails. Usually, Im a wine drinker, but have found cocktails so have so many of the same qualities a a full bodied earthy yet fruit forward red. I mean, what is not to love? Layers of well balanced flavor to keep surprising, and a little goose to top it off. Cocktails are like the perfect red wine blend, but with infinite possibility.

Cocktails are like the perfect red wine blend, but with infinite possibility.

Cocktails are so creative. everything you would do with a meal, you can do with a cocktail. Spicy, sweet, savory, sour, bitter… I find mixology an Art. An Art I tend to partake in on my own time.

As a bit of a precursor to what I will be later posting- my own  “Cocktail Chronicle” series- Infusions, fresh pressed mixings, herbs, homemade bitters and reductions. From picked carrots, to spicy ginger, and often a kick of  jalapeño and depth of whiskey, I cannot wait to share my own passion for balanced libations with you. Ill call it a serious fun.

Here are a few mixed concoctions I’ve captured while out and about to feed your intrigue of what is to come….

Angostura Smash

Angostura Smash: Makers Mark, Lemon Simple, Muddled Mint

3 Bitters Manhattan

3 Bitter Manhattan: Classic Manhattan with angostura, citrus, and black walnut bitters

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit: Pimm’s #1, bruised basil, pressed lemon, pickled carrot

No. 87

No. 87: Currant Infused Rye, Becherovka, Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime


Penicillin: Scotch whisky, lemon juice, honey syrup, fresh ginger
(Usually single malt scotch ) but subbed Mescal for smokiness

Poolside Gimlet

Poolside Gimlet: Gin, fresh lime, mint, and the kicker…. celery bitters

The Fashionista

The Fashionista: Vodka, ginger beer, muddled blackberry, and jalapeño


Food Meets Fashion: Spring 2014 Fashion Inspired Menu

Yes, Fall is quickly approaching, but this week it’s spring in the fashion world.

If you’re like me, you are not attending the shows in New York this week, or getting photographed my Phil Oh for your outstanding outfit even if it is deserving of street-style-stardom. So what to do about it, aside from gawk at you favorite blog’s newest post on the greatest trends by yourself? Celebrate spring style in style with your fashion loving friends by having a spring fashion inspired dinner party. Like the newest displays of well crafted layers over sheer from Theyskens’ Theory, Sass & Bide, Jason Wu and Vera Wang, craft a well made healthful and decadent meal with shear flavor!

What’s on the Menu?

Oh and of course it’s Gluten free and vegan just as every fashionista is come springtime.


Cilantro pesto with a bit of a chili kick on roasted potato planks

Avocado Frite+ Corn+ Biting Arugula

Corn fried avocado toped with a spicy fresh, zucchini, roasted corn tomato and arugula salad

Bitter Chocolate+Sweet Graham

To finish, what else besides a chocolate tart with graham cracker crust.

Cocktail….. Always a Cocktail 

If I were you, I’d make a specialty cocktail to accompany. A fresh raspberry mint cocktailor go high fashion with gin gimlet with lime mint and a dash of celery bitters.



IMG_5107IMG_5138IMG_5122IMG_5127 IMG_2492 IMG_3007

Need Recipes? Get in Touch!

Trending: Scooting Around the Town

Trending: Stylish Scooters  Trending: Stylish Scooters  The Scooter. It may not be new, but it is certainly on the rise with fashionistas. I mean it is smart. Easier parking, Save money on gas have more money to buy clothes…. and it allows for more visibility of your adorable attire rather than being covered by your vehicle. Aside from a little helmut hair, perfect. Sound reasoning right?

Well it made sense to me. So, I decided to try out this chic mode of transportation myself. My findings?… Yes, I think I may need one. Especially so I can try out some of the scooter fashion finds I posted above.

Until then, here’s a little imagery from my experience parading the city on my little red rent-a-scooter!

Trending: Scooter Chic
Trending: Scooter Chic
Trending: Scooter ChicTrending: Stylish Scooters

ad·ven·ture /adˈvenCHər/: An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Two Guns As Children, we dream of adventure…. of discovery. Excitement leads us to probe, to question. Who is to say, as we get older, we must forfeit that joy? It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Opportunities are near by. Like this old abandoned camp ground a few hours North. Two guns is the perfect break in the routine, and experience with a hint of danger.

I found my new hobby. Ghost Towns.

IMG_4159 IMG_4184 IMG_4155 IMG_4170 IMG_4167 IMG_2897 IMG_4183 IMG_2892 IMG_4202 IMG_2902 IMG_4200 IMG_4207 IMG_4210 IMG_4213

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